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    Post by Voltaire Fri Feb 17, 2012 7:44 am

    There is a lotz of music in nature itself.

    There is the music of the planets (Kepler), if you oktavate the frequencies of the movements of the planets and moons of our solarsystemfor example, you will have music in the frenquencies the human ears can hear to. Also you can oktavate the movements of the electrons down - (one oktace down means the half of the impulses per second (hz) -

    So I want to suggest to install piezo-pickups and little microphones in trees to get the sounds that they make. Trees are moving very slow (too slow for our range of perception. So it could be necassery to record this oscillations or long-period-waves over a week or so and then to oktavate them up (to dubble the frequencies per second (hz).

    You need large digital memory capacaty, also electricity to keep the recordsystem running.

    It will be a kind of hybride siensce and art-project.

    Someone like and is capable to do it?

    Sincerly Voltaire

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