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    Adbusting Supermarket


    Adbusting Supermarket Empty Adbusting Supermarket

    Post by adbuster Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:09 pm

    The following idea might be illegal Evil or Very Mad
    I don't recomend doing it either, but it's a funny idea you should know about.

    Adbusting Supermarket Ausste3
    (image: Duane Hanson, "Aldi Koenigin", 1969)

    If you're good at Photoshop/Gimp, grab one of the supermarket advertising flyers they throw into your mailbox. Make a scan of it and add the following announcement:

    "Happy Hour! On September 14th 2012 from 2pm -3pm (date of your choice, time of your choice) each of our customers may fill 1 shopping cart for FREE! You don't have to pay! All items that fit in your shopping cart are yours! We are looking forward to your visit!"


    Then print the flyers and drop them into the mailboxes in your neighbourhood. Have fun! lol!

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