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    William Hague, the right man for the job


    William Hague, the right man for the job Empty William Hague, the right man for the job

    Post by davemiller Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:53 am

    Tell story of his childhood, socially excluded, shut away in his bedroom, in semi detached house in Yorkshire.

    No friends at school, ambitious parents, Margaret Thatcher photo on wall in lounge.

    He goes to Oxford Uni, no friends, gets involved in young Conservatives. Vague reference to his sexual preferences.

    Models himself on Winston Churchill and becomes popular with the old members of the Conservative party (there are many).

    But still cant relate to people, and relationships troubled, always alone.

    After a brief disastrous and embarrassing stint as Conservative party leader, he (somehow) gets a position as Head of Foreign Office, a high-powered job which calls for considerable diplomatic skills. He of course doesn't have any at all, being totally unsuited to the job. Through appalling misunderstandings, social ineptness and poor communication skills, leads his country into a series of disastrous wars.

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