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    Music from the Masses


    Music from the Masses Empty Music from the Masses

    Post by subrealic Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:01 am

    Send your soundtrack for the open music video project MUSIC FROM THE MASSES !

    The Open Call

    Matthias Fritsch created silent clips with music video and narrative qualities. On the videos are proposed to all interested
    musicians, composers and sound designers in order to produce their
    individual soundlayer. There are no restrictions in atmosphere, style
    and music genre. The final versions will be shown in internet
    plattforms such as YouTube and exhibitions alongside all other sound
    versions from the participating musicians. In return for
    participating in the project and allowing Matthias Fritsch to use the
    the soundtracks in combination with the video for publication within
    presentations of the project Music from the Masses – the musicians may
    use the High Definition video for all of their own commercial and non
    commercial purposes for free. (under the conditions of "images (cc) by Matthias Fritsch" in the credits)

    The Process
    Download the silent video on this website. After producing
    your own soundtrack please send it via email, internetlink or CD to Matthias Fritsch (click here
    for email adress!) and it will be published on youtube and included
    into installations and loop-programms for exhibitions, festivals and
    lectures. The order of entry determines the order of publication on the subrealic channel on youtube.

    Besides the soundtrack – please send the following credits via email:

    title of soundtrack:
    genre of soundtrack:
    copyright: © , (cc) , anti copyright ,etc.
    country & place of living:
    month & year of birth:
    additional information:

    The attention on "Music from the Masses" provides a big audience
    to all participating artists. The recent clickrates per video range
    from a couple of thousands up to 80.000 (Spring 2012).

    Music from the Masses Attachmentmusic from the masses-still from first season "squash"-cc by matthias fritsch 2008-s.jpg
    still from the first silent music video "Squash"
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