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    John Major egg statue


    John Major egg statue

    Post by davemiller on Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:51 am

    Statue to be within a large London railway station, e.g. Victoria, King Cross, Paddington.

    The aim is to divert the anger of the public away from attacking railway staff, and instead toward a more worthy target.

    Large bronze statue of Sir John Major, with basket of rotten eggs at his feet. The basket to be re-filled each day, and the public invited to throw eggs at the statue.

    Text on plinth reads:
    "Remember me, the man who sold the railways for cheap to his mates
    and caused the commuter misery that you are probably now in.
    Sir John Major, Prime minister 1990 - 1997
    Please throw rotten eggs at me
    I deserve it."

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